Hybrid & Electric Car Mechanics Adelaide

Using the latest technology in vehicles, hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) are now leading the way into the future.

Mobile AutoCare are proud to offer our exceptional mobile car servicing to owners of hybrid or EV vehicles, completed by our fully qualified electric vehicle mechanics in Adelaide.

As part of a hybrid vehicle’s engine is driven by fuel, many of the regular maintenance checks associated with petrol cars still apply to hybrid vehicles.

This includes a thorough assessment over your vehicle and completing several checks and tests including:

  • Completing oil and fluid changes
  • Visual check of battery systems (vital for these types of cars)
  • Tyre assessment
  • Check of all hoses
  • Vehicle brake testing
  • Working lights
  • Engine cooling system assessment
  • Transmission

How to Know What Battery your Electric Vehicle Requires

Every electric vehicle (EV) will require a model specific battery pack and will require an expect to install it. Generally speaking, the lifetime of an electric vehicle battery will vary depending on the make and model of each vehicle.  This is something we highlight to our customers to take into account when purchasing an electric vehicle.

Due to the complexity of an EV battery system, we do advise that you only seek professional advice from a licensed hybrid and EV mechanic in Adelaide when making any changes to your vehicle.

To book an appointment with one of our fully accredited Hybrid and EV Mechanics in Adelaide, call Mobile AutoCare.

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