Fully equipped workshop facilities

Our Adelaide workshop and specialist mechanics are located next to our head office in Richmond.

We use these facilities for with larger mechanical and electrical repairs e.g. transmission, exhaust, clutch or gearbox repairs.

Work that is not practical or ideal to be dealt with on-site by our mobile mechanics, would be taken to our workshop – with your permission.

We have multiple hoists, welding equipment, and other workshop related items on hand – plus machine shop facilities available from an adjoining business.

Specialist diagnostic equipment, tools, and a range of spare parts and lubricants are available at the workshop, so that the mechanics can quickly deal with larger jobs.

After diagnosis by our workshop mechanics, we can provide a clear estimate for the work required – and the lead time required to complete the work.

All workmanship, machining work, and parts we supply – are guaranteed.

Please contact us for a no-obligation estimate on any larger work required for your vehicle.