Mobile car repairs – Mechanical and Electrical:

  • Most makes and models of vehicles – petrol & diesel – cars, 4WDs, commercial
  • Brakes – mobile brake machining also available if required
  • Clutches – most can be dealt with in your driveway in 3-4 hours, with fully equipped workshop facilities if required
  • Timing Belts – vital to replace at specified intervals, or if reported in a service
  • Water Pumps – often just a 1-2 hour repair
  • Suspension – any time of suspension work that’s required
  • Radiators – repairs or replacement as needed
  • Air-conditioning – we utilise a mobile specialist service – call for details
  • Heads – normally removed, overhauled at our associated machine shop, and then replaced on-site
  • Engine overhaul or replacement – normally carried out at our fully equipped workshop
  • Transmission or Gearbox overhauls – normally carried out at our fully equipped workshop
  • Starter Motors or Alternators – changeover units available for most common cars, and take only 1-2 hours
  • Exhaust repairs – replacement or upgrades

Mobile car repairs. Save time. Save money.

Full Machine Shop services available for head/engine work:

Balancing, boring, honing, machining, welding, full cylinder head and engine rebuilds, or performance engine building and preparation.