Enjoy the benefits of a mobile car service in Adelaide

Vehicle mobile car service options:

  • Most makes and models of vehicles – petrol & diesel – cars, 4WDs, commercial vans and light trucks
  • Minor Service– check over and oil/filter change
    • visual check of hoses, brakes, lights, engine cooling system, transmission or clutch
  • Tune Ups – carby or EFI
    • maximum power and fuel economy
  • Major Service – Service and Tune
    • check over of all main items, plus attention to engine performance
  • New car handbook Service – including if vehicle is still under new car warranty
    • genuine quality parts and lubricants are used, to maintain warranty if applicable
    • cheaper and more convenient than taking the vehicle to the dealer for every service
    • we can objectively point out items that should be fixed under warranty by a dealer
  • Diesel and 4WD Service
    • specialists available – so they know what to look for in service for vehicles of this type
  • Transmission Service
    • fluid and filter change – even a service can make a significant difference to how smooth the transmission operates
  • Differential Service

Air Conditioning Service

  • Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is best to be serviced every two years, which includes evacuating the refrigerant gas and replacing the lubricating oil, as well as carrying out a system leak test.
  • Maintenance will save you money in the long run and we can guarantee you comfort in the hottest months.
  • The aircon inspection is $120. If we need to re-gas the system it is $170 plus parts – if we need to replace o rings or hoses etc (with your approval). Our Arctic Authorisation Number is: AU36772

The objective of servicing your car

  • check relevant items to ensure they’re in good order
  • report any items that need repair or replacement – immediately or in the near future
  • estimate any priority repairs required

A mobile car service helps to ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable, plus reduces the chance of unexpected or expensive repairs.